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With all the things you have to pay for in college, paying for health insurance is probably last on your list.  But what's last on your list could be the first thing to put you at serious financial risk.  That's why we try to get you the best coverage at the lowest premium. Our plans can be used by those who may need to change schools or who may be attending school outside the HMO or PPO region of their parent's healthplan.

Please choose an insurance that best fits you ...

Student Plans

For the student still enrolled in college courses but no longer covered under their parents health insurance. This policy is designed for someone with a college budget.

International Students

For the international student in the United States without any form of health insurance. You do not want your stay to be ruined due to a small illness. This policy will ensure all international students get the health insurance they need.

Graduated Students

Graduation is an exciting time and many changes occur. One of those is the loss of health insurance under your parents. This policy is the best choice for that new graduate who is still in search of that first-big job.

Who is BIA Insurance?

We have been in the insurance business for 42 years and have worked with college students since 1993.  BIA Insurance Service wants to help the universities and students find a financially stable company and save time and money in making that decision.

BIA Insurance Services analyzes each school’s needs and wants, and then recommends solutions to fit each school’s unique criteria.  This is especially important in times of rapidly escalating  insurance premiums and health care cost. We obtain quotes from several different companies that will offer outstanding coverage at competitive rates, and a spreadsheet is presented for easy comparison. We know that most schools are on tight budgets and time constraints.  Trust BIA to do most of the work for you.

Products Offered:
  • Customizable benefit plans designed to the student needs and budgets
  • Coverage for international students as well as students studying abroad
  • Sports injury plans
  • Catastrophic medical plans
  • Student health line
  • Coverage after graduation

Insurance FAQs

What is a deductible?
Answer: The quick and simple definition is
the amount that you, the insured, have to
pay before your insurance company begins
to pay out benefits.

Should I buy dental insurance?
Answer: Most students do not need to
have dental insurance while in college.

Can I use this coverage if I
attend a different college?

 Almost all of our plans can go with
you if it is a college in the U.S.A.

How Big can medical bills
be anyway?

An appendectomy outpatient surgery
can cost you up to $20,000. and that is not staying
in the hospital overnight.

Do you have plans that can cover me for a short period of time?
There are two companies that I offer
for short term coverage.  Short term is from
30 days to 180 days.

Why do I need medical insurance?
Medical cost are getting higher
then ever. You do not want to go in
bankruptcy because of accident or sickness.

When does coverage start?
Coverage can start on some plans
the next day or the 1st or 15th of the month. 
You may have to apply about 15 to 45 days before you want coverage to start.

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